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A professional translator ensures the quality and effectiveness of your message in Portuguese.


When creativity is an essential aspect of your English text, the best option is to recreate it to have the same impact in Portuguese.


If you goal is to adapt your texts to the Portuguese culture (or to a specific region), a translator with a deep knowledge of the country is what you are looking for.


It is always good practice to have your text fully reviewed before publishing it, ensuring your contents are credible and trustworthy.


Are you unsure about the quality of your text or translation? My editing services are the answer to your questions, making sure your message gets through.

Cultural Consultancy

If you wish to expand your business to Portugal, it is vital to check if your brand's name and tagline combine all it takes to be successful.

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Entrust your texts to a professional translator specialized in these fields.


Promotional texts


Patient Information
Medical Promotion
Clinical Trials


Medical devices

Translation is not a matter of words only;
it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.

Antony Burgess

About me

Learn more about me and why I am the Portuguese translator that you cannot do without.

Imagem do About me

My passion for languages was born in the southernmost region of Portugal - the Algarve.

Born to an algarvian mother and a father from Minho (northern Portugal), I had the privilege to live in several parts of the country, which provided me with a vast knowledge of the Portuguese language and culture in its diverse regional variants.

Nowadays, this rich personal experience allows me to offer bespoken translation and revision services that are easily adapted to each client’s needs.

My mission is to help you open the door to Portugal, a market full of possibilities. You can count with an exclusive service and a close, constant follow-up on your project from the first contact to the final delivery.

I will be your best ally for European Portuguese translation and revision projects


I will be your best ally for European Portuguese translation and revision projects


Degree in Languages and Translation


Specialized in Portuguese and English


Lived in the United Kingdom from 2004 to 2005


In love with Portugal since 1983


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The thing that I like the most in Catarina's work is that I don't need to worry. I know for sure that she's going delivery a reliable translation within the deadline. I'm very proud to be surrounded with good professionals and to include Catarina as one of my company's suppliers.

Nádia Coelho

It's a pleasure to work with such a professional & friendly translator. Always keeps to deadlines & delivers successful documents.

Juliette Dinh
Adapt Language Services

Catarina is an excellent professional, very responsive and always eager to go the extra mile and able to deliver the best quality.

María Vitoria Sifre
Hogarth Worldwide

I have worked with Ana Catarina in mutual projects since 2010. She has always been extremely professional and punctual in the many projects we shared, and has a keen eye for detail. I highly recommend working with her.

Ana Sofia Correia
ASC Translations

Great professional, and top translator. I strongly recommend her services.

Adelino Dias
Freelancer Translator

Ana Catarina Lopes had provided several services to my company PTX. From the translation of our site passing by the creation of contents for our marketing always revealed a very professional posture preparing all the work in time and with a great quality. We definitely recommend her work to anyone who need this kind of services, for shore it will not regret as the quality put it in any task was tremendous. Great professional.

Tiago Gago
Personal Trainer

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